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  • Tempisque River – Palo Verde National Park

    Palo Verde National Park is an aquatic wonderland! There are some 280 species of migratory and resident birds in the park, giving Palo Verde the largest concentration of aquatic birds in Central America. Many endangered and threatened species can be seen including the Jabiru stork, the continent’s tallest water bird as well as the pheasant-like Great Curassow, manakins, falcons, ducks and herons.

    The park is also home to deer, peccaries, ocelots, coyotes, pumas, tayras, agoutis, pacas, monkeys, boa constrictors, rattlesnakes, coral snakes, crocodiles and huge populations of toads and frogs, including several species of tree frogs.

    Palo Verde also sustains an array of exquisite hardwoods such as Ironwood, Cocobolo and Ron Ron as well as extensive mangroves and hundreds of other plant species.